Path of Exile: Harvest Seeds Guide

Seeds are the start of your adventures in the Harvest league. In Path of Exile: Harvest league, you'll plant seeds, encourage their growth, harvest the monsters within, and use their Lifeforce as a powerful crafting resource. In this guide, we'll show you everything you need to know about seeds to make them easier for new players.

Path of Exile: Harvest Seeds

How seeds work?

There are three seed types, and each one is denoted by a different color. The seed types are Vivid, Primal, and Wild. Seed growth is triggered every time you open a seed cache – each time you do, you'll start a growth cycle and all of the plants in your garden grow a little bit more.

Seeds Tier

Seeds also have tier grades.

• Tier 1 Seeds

Tier one seeds are pretty simple and only need to be planted close to a Collector of the same type. In tier 1 seeds, there are three different types. The different seeds are Wild, Vivid, and Primal. Each type of seed has a whole slew of random modifiers when harvested. There is no need to go over all the modifiers because the list is just WAY too big and you can easily find a full list of all the seeds and what they do HERE.

• Tier 2 Seeds

Tier 2 seeds only drop from the tier 1 monsters you killed or this is the only way I've been able to get tier 2 seeds. Tier 2 seeds (and higher) have various requirements that need to be met in order for them to grow. Some need a certain amount of Condensed Lifeforce of a particular type (i.e. Lifeforce which has come from a particular type of seed). Some also need to be grown within close proximity to seeds of a particular type. This information is displayed on seeds before they're planted and still visible after they're planted.

• Tier 3 Seeds

Tier 3 Seeds

They are just like tier 2 seeds but the rewards are juicier. Translation- I do not have any tier 3 seeds yet, so I am in awe of how juicy they are.

After Tier 3 seeds, players can occasionally fight one of three boss seeds. The studio is teasing a mysterious, hyper difficult Tier 4 seed, which players will need to discover on their own once Harvest launches.

So what are these seeds for, anyway?

Well, the simplest Tier 1 Seeds will unleash monsters of the Wild, Primal, or Vivid variety. Defeating those monsters will collect their lifeforce, which can then be used to craft new and powerful items. That's for the simplest-level player, but what if you want to go a little more complex?

Growing Tier 2 and Tier 3 plants will be tough, but they'll prove to be worth the effort. They'll yield powerful items and crafting ingredients, the rarity and power level unlike anything seen in Path of Exile to date. Tier 3 Harvest monsters may even drop seeds for special endgame-level boss encounters. Of course, you'll have to earn all of this. Even if the garden layout is perfect, there's still a matter of defeating the monsters that come out of those plants. And the higher the tier, the more difficult the monster encounter. Players can grow up to 48 plants at once, which means they can take on up to 48 Harvest monsters simultaneously. Be careful about biting off more than you can chew because you need to be able to defeat the monsters before you can collect their rewards.

Do seeds stack?

Yes, identical seeds of the same level will stack in your inventory and in the seed storage within the grove. The level will be displayed on the seed in your inventory.

What determines the growth cycles for seeds?

Opening a seed cache aka picking up seeds while playing will count as one growth cycle and doesn't depend on actual time passed. You don't even have to harvest them within a certain period – they'll simply remain in place.

What happens if I don't plant my seeds, will they disappear?

You can save them for as long as you'd like or even trade them to other players.

How do I know which crafting options I'll get?

Seeds will be marked with which category they belong to. Players will also be able to use the crafting UI to get things sorted with crafting. For each seed planted and harvested, which means killing the spawned mobs, there will be a range of crafting options presented.

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