Useful Path Of Exile Blight Expansion Tower Guide

The newest mechanics in this league center around a simple goal, destroying Fungal Growths. Sister Cassia has some special tools, in the form of towers, that help with that. In the Blight Expansion, there are a slew of towers to pick from—six of them in fact. Using these in the right places to take advantage of enemy weaknesses is key to success in combating the Blight. These towers form lanes that you must take control of by clearing monsters out, the tower abilities can help, but you're still going to need plenty of DPS.

Towers each have their own ranks, and as you progress into harder Blight encounters, expect to need to upgrade your towers multiple times. Here are the six towers that you should know about:

Fireball Tower

A simple yet effective tower that shoots fire. While it cannot solo a blight for you, it will offer a DPS boost that can't be beat when dealing with large packs. Place these after a slowing tower of some kind for maximum damage.

The Fireball is used for long-ranged instances. The castle throws fireball projectiles onto faraway enemies, and the number of these fireballs will increase as you rank them up. Once you've reached the final stage of its upgradeability, you'll have the choice to upgrade the castle to either the Meteor Tower or the Flamethrower Tower.

Chilling Tower

The Chilling freezes nearby enemies. Great for buying time for other castles to deal damage, the fortress is best used in cross-sections between paths. When upgraded to level 4, you can choose to either transform it into the Glacial Cage or Freezebolt. The Glacial Cage tower is usually the preferred high-end slowing tower as its massive AoE has a great chill effect.

Shock Nova Tower

The Shock Nova casts a small shockwave around it, paralyzing enemies. It also creates shocked ground within the fortress, protecting itself from any attacks. When upgraded to level 4, it can either become a Lightning Storm or Arc Tower, depending on your preference. The Lightning Storm tower has the biggest AoE, but pretty mediocre damage. The Arc version is a much shorter range variant, but with a high chance to shock enemies, making them take more damage.

Empowering Tower

Further enhancing the power of other towers, the Empowering Castle specializes in boosting the damage output of your other defense fortress. By doing so, it will cast an aura on other castles within its radius, causing them to increase their effectiveness.

At rank four, you are offered a choice between Smothering or Imbuing towers. The Smothering tower weakens enemies, reducing DPS slightly, so pick it when dealing with a long Blight and drop it near the end of the tendril path to allow yourself more survivability.  The Imbuing tower provides players with increased speed and is crucial as a tower in key midpoints during Blight Maps.

Seismic Tower

The Seismic releases shockwaves that will damage and stun enemies. This tower is effective when placed in an area filled to the brim with monsters; it also goes along well with other damaging towers such as the Fireball Tower.

At rank four, you are offered a choice between the Temporal tower and Stone Gaze tower. The Temporal tower casts AoE slow effects that are some of the best overall slowing options if placed properly. The casting speed can be an issue in larger packs though, as some enemies may slip by before being slowed. The Stone Gaze Tower not only applies a slow but also a minor DPS boost as well.

Summoning Tower

The Summoning spawns friendly minions that will deal damage to the corrupted monsters; their strength will increase along with their numbers as you level up.

At rank four, you are offered a choice between Sentinel and Scout towers. The Sentinel tower offers a single, very bulky minion, useful for blocking particularly dangerous enemies. Scout towers will summon ten flying minions These flying minions work similarly to Summon Raging Spirit, so don't expect the same blocking effect as they focus on DPS.

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