Path of Exile Harvest: How To Cultivate Your Sacred Grove?

Path of Exile: Harvest introduces the "Sacred Grove," an ancient garden that lets players grow plants that will spawn monsters to slay for rewards. But do you know how to cultivate your sacred grove? We have prepared a guide that outlines all the steps of cultivating the sacred grove. The contents are as follows:

Sacred Grove


Everything starts from s getting the seeds. Players can find these plant seeds anywhere in the world, but some seeds are rare and require more meticulous planting to yield stronger or legendary monsters.

There are three types of them in the Harvest league. All of them have 4 tiers. You will start from the first tier, which is the easiest crop to grow.

Every seed has a crafting option, which will appear after you harvest and collect the lifeforce. The high level of the seed the more lifeforce and better loot you get.

The names of seeds that you will need to grow are:

• Primal Feasting Horror Grain (first tier) – Reveals a random Physical modifier crafting effect when Harvested
• Vivid Razorleg Seed (second tier) – Reveals a random crafting effect that changes the element of Elemental modifiers when Harvested
• Wild Brambleback Bulb (third tier) – Reveals a random effect that exchanges specialized currency

And the fourth tier that you can get in the late game.


Slaying monsters after activating the Collector will grant the seed's lifeforce. Players can use this lifeforce to craft unique league specific modifiers to equipment. Depending on the variety of seeds used and the overall strength of the harvest will determine what unusual crafting options open up. You'll also need Lifeforce for more than crafting like maintaining and improving your garden's seeds for better rewards next time around.

Lifeforce Collector

Lifeforce Collector

It is harvested your plants and lets you craft.

There are three types of lifeforce collectors that represent each seed type. Thus you'll wild lifeforce collector for wild type seeds, vivid lifeforce collector for vivid seeds, and primal lifeforce collector for primal seeds. You can recognize them by the matching color.

When the fight is over, you'll use the same Collector to gather that Raw Lifeforce and craft your items. Collectors can also store a limited amount of Condensed Lifeforce for later.

Be sure to use your Collector after harvest to make the most of your Raw Lifeforce and to improve your items!


It is used Condensed Lifeforce to grow advanced plants.

Higher tiers of seeds require Condensed Lifeforce in order to grow. You'll need to install a Disperser in order to spread the Condensed Lifeforce that you've stored. A Disperser must be connected to a Collector or Storage Tank to work.
• Tier 2 Wild seeds need Vivid lifeforce• Tier 2 Vivid and Primal seeds need Wild lifeforce• Tier 3 Wild seeds need Vivid and Primal lifeforce• Tier 3 Vivid seeds need Wild and Primal lifeforce• Tier 3 Primal seeds need Vivid and Wild lifeforce

Storage Tanks

It holds a more Condensed Lifeforce for later use.

A seed whose growth conditions are not met will not grow and will flash red. As you climb the tiers of seeds, you may need access to a more Condensed Lifeforce than your Collectors can store. That's where Storage Tanks come in!

Storage Tanks store Condensed Lifeforce. A Storage Tank must be connected to a Collector and will store the Condensed Lifeforce of that Collector's particular type. Dispersers can be connected to Storage Tanks to use the stored Condensed Lifeforce.


It is used to connect pieces of your infrastructure.

Finally, there are Pylons, which must be placed between each infrastructure element you wish to connect and can be used to extend the distance at which each infrastructure element will function.

Horticrafting Station

This is a late-game structure that will allow you to hold and store some crafting recipes that you get from seeds.

How does Harvest League Work?

When your seeds are ready, go to the Sacred Grove. You will see the button on the waypoint map or use Oshabi's portal when you meet her. There activate the harvest button above the lifeforce collector where the seeds are ready. You will face the encounter of monsters.

The more seeds are ready the more lifeforce and loot you get. Also, there is a good chance to get tier 2 seeds so try to grow as many as you can. After you kill monsters you'll see the crafting menu and the number of life-forces you collected.



In the Harvest league, you need to craft at once as there is no option of postponing it for later after you harvest the seeds.

Different seed types create different crafting options that are available after you've completed a harvest. So the more seeds you've got, the more options you'll have to steer the loot in your favor, with seeds of higher tiers or rarity offering some very unusual crafting traits.

Also, keep in mind that these modifiers cannot be used for any item levels, but they need to be applied with the item level of the item you want to craft.

Sometimes you'll see that there is nothing you can craft on your gear and it is more useful to craft extra dispersers or pylons.


Besides powerful crafting options, the highest tier seeds will also offer tough boss encounters with Unique item rewards that can only be obtained from them. You may also eventually find a way to store crafting options for later use via a Horticrafting Station.

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